KIP 700 Color Series

The Power of Versatility
When you need to make an impression

KIP 700 C Series systems utilize Contact Control Technology (CCT), the ultimate wide format imaging solution. The ability to control the placement of the toner particles through direct contact at every stage of image development ensures the highest level of accuracy and precision quality in the production of every color or black & white image.

  • Three Models - Low, Mid & High Volume
  • Three Production Speeds
  • Twelve Product Configurations
  • Best in Class Technology
  • True Touch Productivity
  • Industry Leading Software – KIP System K
  • Smart Printing | Data Protection | System Wide Reporting
Contact Array Charging Technology (CAC)

Direct contact for consistent electric charge over the entire surface of the organic photoconductor

  • Stabilizes image quality
  • Eliminates multiple system parts to include corona wires, cleaning pads, grid screens, filters and related airflow fans to reduce maintenance visits
  • Eliminates ozone
Calibrated LED Array

The calibrated LED print head creates a uniform latent image and includes KIP’s Image Smoothing Technology.

  • Precision tuned for luminance to generate high quality text
  • Smooth, consistent color shading & grayscales
Contact Development

Direct application of toner without “developers” results in pinpoint placement on the photoreceptor’s latent image. Advancements in system components further enhance image quality.

  • Uniform pixel creation 
  • Produces improved print quality