KIP 75 G Series

Optimum Versatility

KIP 75 G Series offer Optimum System Versatility for Technical Printing Professionals. Confidently complete projects ahead of schedule with the KIP 75 G Series.

  • 2 or 4 Media Rolls
  • 8 or 10 D / A1 Size Prints per Minute
  • 480 or 600 D / A1 Size Prints per Hour
  • KIP System K Software Suite
    High Definition Print (HDP) Technology

    KIP HDP technology is 100% toner efficient - no waste toner. KIP HDP reduces the cost of printing, saves significant money, and delivers industry leading low cost of ownership.

    Experience Superior Productivity
    • Save significant time and work more efficiently with Zero file spooling at local PCs
    • KIP 75 G Series systems deliver consistent print speeds of 480 or 600 prints per hour always at the highest quality setting
    • Fast when you need it most. 40% faster printing production with 60% more toner than the KIP 71 G Series systems
    • Full Media Capacity of 4 x 500 ft rolls allows uninterrupted print runs up to 1000 D/A1 prints perfectly collated with the KIP 1200 Auto Stacker
    Highest Image Durability

    KIP systems deliver solid blacks, smooth grayscale and uniform print quality from the first to the last page of the print job.